A New View


Martial Law. I

remember 1968.

I was 18 and we

hopped in the car 

and followed tanks 

up Livernois

to the Westside.


Blocks we're burning,

National Guard were

on every corner

under orders not

to shoot looters.


Come night, curfew.

We heard bullets

all night. No deaths

were reported,



There were no 

cell phone pictures,

no evidence of who

shot first. 21st Century

urban warfare

will have faces

on the internet

this time.






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looks like it is coming again

looks like it is coming again

ron parrish

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Issued Tonight in Minneapolis

To b continued. 



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lot of stuff still coming out

lot of stuff still coming out the police was also a bouncer at the same club

ron parrish

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19 yr old Detroit

Dead by this morning. Looking into policeman shot elsewhere, California, I think. 2 contract guards outside Homeland Security bldg. Oakland, California. One killed, one hospitalized. 1500 in Detroit did peaceful protest - it got wild when suburbanites showed up and started harassing police. 


Now, hospitals are on alert again. For gun victims. :(