Good News

A New View


Unlike July 8, 1932,

banks now use

depositor's savings

to keep credit



Investors today, the

neuveau uber rich

have to put their millions

somewhere-won't fit

under the bed.


We order on line

and horde tp like mad

consumers who dream 

of mall openings

and someplace to buy

an over-priced beer.


Beware, when commerce

resumes, watch out. 
Economist predict

stampeding Americans.







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A very accurate prediction,

A very accurate prediction, cleverly presented as always. That'll be just like America . . . stampedes. I can see it. 

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We have four major meat processing plants here and two are owned by foreigners - one of which is China. A lady was on NPR called it a national security issue. I wonder how many plants USA firms have in China? USA government does not like size of China's war machine and its land grabs in SE ASIA. Truth is we paid for their international posturing by buying their cheap products. Oh the irony. November can't get here soon enough. Many cannot buy on line and retail chains are vanishing. Masked, we are ready to buy, buy, buy!  ~S~