Alert. Guinea pigs and Rhesus 

primates are showing resistance

to Corona and producing

antibodies following injection

of anti-viral drugs.

Good thing too. That's two

species that may survive

the pandemic.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

Mice too - a way to test for vaccines that can move to human trials in early 2021. 

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This is some encouraging

This is some encouraging news. Of course, we have to temper our excitement with the reality you alluded to: the drug companies making it affordable only to some, or our complacent leadership fiddling while Rome burns, or both. But hey, like you said, two ot three species may actually survive. Enjoyable read. 

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Just joshin’ Around

A vaccine is years away. Some things can not be rushed. Long term side effects could be deadly - fooling with immunity systems is finesse research. It is not a race. We may not need it if COVID-19 mutates into a non-infectious virus. It is a one day at a time - time ~S~