Behind Door Number One


I dream of hearts as locks and doors
as exits. This line is about those who wish
for the soilidity of concrete.


This verse is for those who float

on the air or drift on waves.
But for the middle grounder, there
may be balance.

Meaning emerging from the
closet is like, but not limited
to, a heart beating approaching total
synchronicity with another heart that
is out of sync with every heart.


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A very wise perspective on

A very wise perspective on that conundrum relationships present, and that terrifying but necessary step into the beautiful chaos of living. Brilliant insight, skillfully expressed. 

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Relationships are emotional units in search of a poem. Design and approach, acceptance as invitation or unacceptable or accepted rejection. And love or connection is still sought. ~S~



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"Relationships are emotional

"Relationships are emotional units in search of a poem" Love that! Always enjoy reading you. 

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I Post Less

Prosing more. Thinking about doing a series of opeds for newspapers. Maybe. It feels good to write poetry. Thanks for reading me. ~S~