Obsession Of Angels

A New View


Less a Choir or Regiment

of angels, rather

a Flght of, a

Raging of angels,

a Cluster.


More a mental construct;

images incantated to
entertain the harder

metamorphosis in a 

Conflagration of



Perhaps Winged or

Singing or a Vengeance

of is an angelicly

able calling, like

a Host.

Yet, pause to ponder

for a time human 

skin causing tears

in an Obsession

of Angels.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

"You're just like an angel/skin make you cry." - one beautiful Rock lyric. 

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This is so engaging, so

This is so engaging, so original, as heart-gripping as the song you referenced. I want to read it again, ponder as you suggested the angels' reaction to a state of humanity . . . sigh, and applaud. 

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