A New View


On today's schedule,

now that the homework

is turned in timely,

turn to the chapter on

pulmonary delivery

plumbing and alveolar

systems. When the cells

are turned into virus

wombs, help breathing

becomes a thing.


How hard is it to make

a ventilator? Not a village,

a automobile manufactury

supply chain's experts

is the what it takes ticket.

A month away.

Quality assurance is the 

delay factor and, of course, 

price negotiations.


In future, high school grads

will once more have a work

place without needing college

degree credits. Made in USA will

be labels rolling off production

lines with all ilks of items

that were once Made In








Author's Notes/Comments: 

Empire model, let the colonials do the repetitive labor and service jobs go to the Emperor's citizens. China took manufacturing, stole the diagrams, and provides services, r & d, and marketing, shutting out  "The West". 1.3 billion Chinese people can be sent back to the farm. WWIII anyone?

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Such a brutal, Darwinian

Such a brutal, Darwinian system . . . and lives at stake while hypercapitalism and our pseudo-democracy keeps churning on. Thank you for the intelligent wake up call. 

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Dread Is

Consumers stop buying. Our poor live better here than many on earth live all their lives. The rich leave problem to gvt. Gvt blames D.C. D.C. cuts food for poor. Oh oh--unemployed will be pissed!



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What's the profit motive? 

What's the profit motive?  that seems to be donnie's driving concern

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No Empathy

Fools have none.