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thirty three and a third

no more 45 rpm's, at rest,

preserving youth's adventures,

have become art as a label

or a cover.


surfed 1983 Montreux

poster ranged from 8 hundred

something to $1.99. Records

in rare numbered release

or in great condition

could bring 5 hundred

to a whopping 25 cents.


a pressed button brings

forward the past almost

as clearly as an oldie's





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well hell , i could always

well hell , i could always sing for you at 33,and one third

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No Hill Billy Allowed

Or country or blue grass, let's see tennessee mountain dew where are you? Oh no, not fiddles and banjos. Thanks to the god of music, radio finally reached you mountain crooners. No 33-1/3 possible. U can't keep time. ~S~



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hillbilly,nope i`m into

hillbilly,nope i`m into motown you know the spinners came from chattanooga,samuel jackson,bessie smith,usher,see we`re not so far apart

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U made That Up

Spinners huh. Cool. 



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named a road for them, a

named a road for them, a member of the impressions sam gooden was born in chattanooga as well

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Love their work: Minstrel and Queen, GW, crooners! too mellow! 



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i hardly ever listen to

i hardly ever listen to country music,no blue grass ..i like the 70`s and 80`s music

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Watch It

They expel Spinners fans from the big T. It is great music but the 50's -60's rocked too. 70's during psychedelic era - I shifted to classic rock and got stuck. ~S~



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i guess i got stuck in the

i guess i got stuck in the 70`s 80`s era