Stay Home

A New View


Time to learn to knit,

crochet, or do needlepoint.

Rosey Grier learned

needlepoint to build 

finger strength, I think.

Read a book, learn

a foreign language. Or

learn English! It is now

time to read the Holy Koran.

Stay indoors away from virus

on the ground, on the wind.

You smirk at jigsaw time

that eats the clock and

may delay cabin fever. Write

a novel. Stay home.






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cathycavalcante's picture

So true...we've so much we

So true...we've so much we can learn or learn anew, during this horrible time. Nicely written. :)


allets's picture

U R 2 Kind

The times, they are a changin' . Again. We will learn a new way soon.