A New View


as symptoms

take you down 

in high risk 

group, 82 and 

cancer survivor,

what everyone

shoulda done

and didn't you wish 

was woulda.





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shoulda woulda coulda not

shoulda woulda coulda not gooda nuff

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Iffy Proposition

We r so free and entrenched in concepts of freedom. "Nobody is gonna tell me what to do with my kids." How do u teach a nation full of "free" people 2 b less free? It will get bad. "Too Late" is the poem's sequel. Followed by, "It Wasn't MY fault!" Dig this--doctors not sure you won't get it again if you recover from it - no vaccine, mutated form may get you again. But dont tell anybody. "False Security" May be the poem's prequel. 

Stay well! ~S~