Go On

A New View


feel better or

feel great

this is not

the first or the last 

one of these.


self isolate if you

can, but be upbeat

and laugh to ease

the downers.


feel fine and rejoice

at no cough, breathing

good, chest is great.

that's something!




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well i still have my oxygen

well i still have my oxygen machine from the heart surgery

i threw the ventilator in the floor when in intesive care,trying to breath through a straw

i have to work,can`t live on s/s and they wont be sending me a check and i`m sure s/s recipens will not see anything special   i was kinda sick for a few days but no fever or cough,i did get the flu and phenominia shot from the va last trip in feb,i usually get kinda sick after the shots  i mean we can`t totally avoid it but we can do a loot for prevention i guess

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The Reality

I suspect 

some will be around 

after the fall-off and

some won't.

The pendulum


And we roll.