Flow Going

A New View


Do not cough on me

or blow your nose

nearby, okay?


Oh the game

can be heard on the



Self quarantine

sure makes food






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I'm still going out.  I'm

I'm still going out.  I'm just being a little more cautious.  Fear accomplishes nothing

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Hot Spots


Not in a community spread cluster-no confirmed cases in Michigan yet - 14 day incubation period. Fear is a defense mechaniam - see a gun--run, and live. Gotta go wash my hands! :D


As of 03-11-20 2 cases in Michigan found. 

As of 03-13-20 16 cases in Michigan. 

as of 03-24-20 1791 and 24 dead in Michigan.


6,820 dead in Italy as of 03-24-20 with 70 thousand cases.

Incubation period may be as early as five days. Testing has just begun. ~S~