Shades Of Shadow

A New View


Night forgot its chiroscuro horizon.

Enter shadow born of moonrise.

Items merge: auras court penumbra,

halos seek out after images.


Dark shaded eyes adjust.  No

flashlight inspired reprieve, 

no neon sign flickering. Midnight

spreads mythical rumors.


Crickets become invisible. Ebon

everything erases sun rise concepts. 
Something has murdered the moon

as night forms an allegiance with

darker night.





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patriciajj's picture

There are few things as

There are few things as captivating as the shifting visions of night, and you stir up its magic with some striking word play: "shadow born of moonrise . . . mythical rumors . . . ebon erasing sun rise concepts . . . " Great stuff here! Loved every brilliant line. 

allets's picture

I Had Fun

Finding images that merged. Balance was the goal, each word "weighted" equal to each other - in tone, shade, image-similitude. Almost attained - close. Thanks 4 the read. ~S~