Exhaustion Units

A New View


Taking out the garbage

is the worst task, measuring

spaces is a close second

when calculating how many

calories were burned.


It is February in Detroit, 

Michigan and temps wiil

be near 50 this week. So maybe

some fun can be attached

to caloric losses; a poetry

reading, an open mic, 

the Detroit Institute for the 

Arts - fun. 

The thing about burning energy

is that there is little left after

morning chores. Just getting spiffy

with earrings and lipstick cost



Pushing to empty or

tired of making it work;

both definitions apply here.

To walk is to live I have to keep

reminding this sit all day

at computer body. 



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patriciajj's picture

Loving your endearing,

Loving your endearing, sparking humor as you describe that very familiar struggle between what we should do and what we actually do. Good stuff. 

allets's picture


To laugh (or smirk) is to live! U have sooooooo much energy. Your writing is great bye the bye. ttyl