A New View


A date

never to be

seen again.


Like 07-07-70

or 01-01-10

it will be a while.


Relatively, or


perceived, a date

not to be seen

again any time






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A bit of historical detail

A bit of historical detail that I picked up in college (I was there in the days of the dinosaurs, lol) was that our calendar's designation of the current year is four to five years less than what it should be because Dionysius Exiguus, the man who invented the Anno Domini system, did not realize that the Emperor Octavian was, after his first five year term, was known, subsequently, as Augustus.  He believed the two different names indicated two different emperors; therefore, as he tried to calculate the birth of Christ, he used, as his baseline, only the years of "Augustus," whereas actual Roman history would have counted them from Octavian's assumption of the imperium. 


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I remember

in jr high this “fact”. Vague but I remember the new system lost time. Years? Amazing from the time of the abacus. Time. -S-




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February 2, my friends

February 2, my friends birthday!

if only she had lived to see 2020!


02-02-2020 also a palindromic date

Smiles! for Always catching the


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Love the Palindrome




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You're right! How could I

You're right! How could I have missed that? So nice to read your work again. Been busy, but I'll be back. Patricia

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I moved

Exhausted. Cold here 14 degrees today. 5 overnight.brrrrrrr. B well. -S-



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what is time but not a myth

what is time but not a myth

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No not a myth

Time does not exist! Now you know. :D



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but i still don`t know

but i still don`t know anything

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I missed the groundhog--what

I missed the groundhog--what was the prediction for the next century?

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christ wasn’t born or they threw out the correct date of what emperor was alive then or something strange. The groundhog? I thought he died. No? :D -S-