Internal Landscape

A New View


I admire those who have mental

visuals that replay and remind them

hour by hour, that life is beauty

and beauty is indescribably

constant in their sight.


I envy the set of circumstances

and choices made over lifetimes

that gave some humans a bright

and positive mental view in a

world that tends toward darkness.


I adore the notations written

across the foreheads of smilers

who find something charming or

witty in everyone and every

encounter. I wish each human born 

had such internal landscapes.

Simply said, the world would

then be civilized.







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Some of us cant help seeing

Some of us cant help seeing the good in people even when some of their behaviors are so wrong. 

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We lose segments of innocence with each encounter with "wrong" or evil or bad news. Finding it, relocating where we left it is one path. Most choose to keep their barriers up and strengthened against evil to ensure and increase every ilk of survival and success. It is about choices - we are free to make those. ~Lady A~




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Losing Innocence

Even a theme greaty discussed in depth where I went to highschool. Innocence is like having yourself, and knowing you are you, except a world about you has inviting doormats at each home. We may choose to knock, or are beckoned for a visit by these others, and they give you blows of what they've learned and also what simply occurs in these times influences you away from yourself, and takes on the burden of losing innocence; because there is more to the world than our once innocent and little minds thought.

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Hand In Hand

Maturation is parent to innocence. ~Lady A~




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I'd really rather be peaceful 

Caught in glimmers of reality

And not stuck in the charm 

Of imaginative integrities: like

To be good with the body 

As a particle of witness to the world

Is always plenty enough than to

Escapes by debilitating the sense,

Struck away tempted

From the joy of simplic loveliness. 

But surely it wouldn't hurt

Having the mind linger well.

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Dalton One

That was an  incredibly beautiful reply. "debilitating the sense," - "Caught in glimmers of reality" - fine images that capture and keep the reader's involvment with the poem - absolutely lovely. "simplic" is a neat word too. :D