December 1, 2019

A New View


Too early for resolutions.

Too late for keeping the old

ones. Publish novels or at least

get them to Library of Congress.

No. Still editing.


Today it rained. Predictive 

of what is to follow - crocuses

coming up, power lines going

the way of the high winds.

December rain.


New digs coming along,

old digs doing fine without me.

The atmosphere is cleansed

by raindrops, peace descends,

and fortunately the mind

is still okay.











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I don’t make resolutions  I

I don’t make resolutions 

I live one day at a time 

make the best of each day

listen to my brain rhyme


It rained here too in LA

the heater keeps me warm

I smile that clouds are here

chilly days seem to be the norm


best of luck on all your endeavors 

hope you get all your work published

Hope you enjoy the winter chill

stay away from the rubbish


Merry Christmas 


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Sound Advice

Avoid rubbish. Yes, Merry Christmas is timely now. Just heard another relative stroked out - another relative  complained of doctor visits - too many of them. Unavoidable rubbish I suppose :D ~A~




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I’m sorry about the bad

I’m sorry about the bad news,

such things are unavoidable 

Newsfeed always is so

negative! Even if I don’t watch,

walking outside I see homelessness,

emergency fire truck, wreckage’s 

from car crashes! it’s hard not to

be affected! Even a fallen tree,

or a dead animal  can get me down!

So I focus on the goodness of the day

the sun, or the clouds, the birds 

flying ahead, etc....

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Bad News Days


Thankful it is somebody else's bad news and not mine (lately). Pretty Words is an old Shirelle's song from the 60's and seeing the world through pretty and beautiful images makes for inner happiness in spite of  "The dark side." We choose the light and hope the shadows stay behind us. :D ~Lady A~