Candle Lit

A New View


Yet, fire carried to a wick

sets shadows to trembling,

no matter the length,

a candle lighted sets

its own mood.


On birthday cakes

they are best appeciated

when the lights are shut

and quiet settles onto

the shoulders of the singers

and well wishers who

regret briefly the dousing

of fire with a breath.


Processions are inspiration

filled at night when candles

express auras of see us,

we are commemorating



Candle lit. Wick exposed like

a paraffin mannequin, exquisitely

coded to measure the intensities

of light, a candle lit is as

eye-gatheringly beautiful as a

colorful wreath on a holiday card

against a black background.







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a candle in the night shining

a candle in the night shining bright,a warm fireplace winking in the dark

a birthdat party about to embark

ron parrish