Invisible Poetry


She wears yellow and white

short-shorts and bright

suns and tulips dance

on her halter. Sneezes

in summer, excuses

herself in summer

then asks the girl on 

the stair her name.


At all the same time, counts

the seven kids on the steps,

does a re-count and finds

eight when she counts herself,

sniffles, wrinkles her nose

a lot.


"Goin' swimmin' tomorrow,"

sniff. "Gonna wear some little

bity shorts cause ma old suit

too small."


Wonder what she doin' with

those blue knit shoes

on her feet, snug against

the concrete.


Said she has a bracelet

on her wrist, a flower

and some leaves all gold

like her suns, alive like

her tulips.


She said that it matches

the earrings but her

earrings are blue and dangle

dangle over very sharp








Author's Notes/Comments: 

Kids - not organized, just whatever comes to mind. :D

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