Back For A Fleeting While

Invisible Poetry


Out of dense fog as if

new arrived from a Lon Chaney

movie, appears a dark poet

searching for quills.


Condensationed, these

notions fitter into view;

intrigue laden, breeze

prone, almost refreshing.


A halo is slung haphazard

over a horn. Nobody told

her that good and evil cannot

coexist as pen pals.







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Good and Evil coexisting food

Good and Evil coexisting

food for thought 


When Good is out playing

Evil snickers, I can top that


When Evil is at work 

Goodness cries , let me out,  lol

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Cartoon Flashback

Angel with wings and halo on one shoulder, devil with fork and horns on the other, a human mindset dichotomy assuredly! - Lady A