Living Pains

A New View


A new twitch was discovered

at waking. Old twitches

are receding like an inherited

hairline. Bask in the inevitability

that new spasms are about to be



Sixty nine years about

to be seventy causes the mind

to reel, the heart to look

up, the lungs to wonder. How

am I possible when so many did

not survive to here?







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Wow---the wisdom in this poem

Wow---the wisdom in this poem is profound, and the interior drama is so poignantly described without being maudlin.  This is one of the most brilliant poems on its subject that I have read for a long time.


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Just a reflection on a theme. Chronos is watching and this is what was gleaned to arrive in verse at the 4th quarter of my life is all. Starward, from you this commen means a great deal as I respect your profound work and philosophy. You rock! - Lady A




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a lot