Losing Weight

A New View


no sugar

no carbohydrate

feast of five

food aggregates


old models for building

bodies allows for fast food



exit all thing edible

and processed while

nibbling on uncooked

and alive sustenance

is a hardy wave to

pounds leaving town






Author's Notes/Comments: 

i went from 169 to 141 in three years learning to eat live foods - slc

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Cakes and pastries

Cakes and pastries are but dreams for the common man here.... We can't even afford to feed our children enough proteins and fat.But we are on our way to a better tomorrow....



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We Have Homeless Here


In California - drugs, no jobs, illness, handicaps, broken spirits - huge areas of street dwellers reside - rents too high. usa is fat and protein rich, child hunger is rare--at least I like to think that. Much is hidden from us here. We are seen as buyers and there are huge numbers of thieves here all along the class structure. Getting and having is the only mantra chanted most days. May palewingedpoetess look over us - :D


Looked up some stats, 1 in 7 usa children are mal-nourished. Food assistance programs have been defunded. I looked up free food locations and they are everywhere. I may volunteer once my hand heals next summer. If recession happens - help will be needed desperately.