A New View


These workplaces come

then dry up like sponges in

hot sun. If you live long

enough, sponge sand. 


Time to double pay rates

so happy workers in the neo

cotton fields sweating

to be neo automaton pickers

have money to buy non-toxic

cotton tees when job

sites shuts down.


Recession is a perfectly

good word. It is in dictionaries

and everything.








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they sourse them out to china

they sourse them out to china and mexico,they ship them back here and sell them,a smack in the face of the american worker

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A Stab In The Heart

of the USA economy. US tariffs slowed down world commerce. Hoping for a mild shorty recession, Fed lowered rates again recently - to kick start the slow-down. Did u hear? GM wants UAW to pay health care - nice try GM! ~s~ 



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of course they do,uaw needs

of course they do,uaw needs to take a vacation amd make sure  no scabs are hired

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History proves the more

History proves the more things change the more they stay the same

There is always going to b another empire to fall. Haves and have nots. Wars and rumors of wars. There is no such thing as equality. It is the human condition.

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I Continue Daily

To support a better empire - sweaty work - it is all those reserved spaces to usurp. Here, every one should have enough. we need to see to usa citizens and the infrastructure - then consumers will start buying without wars and have opportunites to be wealthy too. That struggle will never stop. aka optimism in a pouch labeled HOPE. slc



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I like your optimism

I like your optimism

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We have so much potential

unactualized. maybe the xyzers will grasp what we leave as a finer kinder legacy. best to you and yours. ~s~



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recession is where we're

recession is where we're heading but then we'll recover.  Poor people are generally poor regardless of how the economy is doing.

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World Recessions

correct oddly long. Add in tariffs, Brexit - England as a third tier country reduced to colony status, and wealth distribution - more than poor, more than middle earners may take a hit. Precariously balancing empires could crumble as value vanishes into a new paradigm. We shall see. ~s~



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Jack bows these meaning   O

To be of instantaneous effect

Enduring only wakefulness  at

Eternally flowing river.   We jig.

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I Dig

Thanks for the visit. Always goodness, write on! ~s~