A New View


the building is new

and falling. i feel the floor

heave and subside as i

slide over a flaming edge

and land bone-shattered



before the heat, no help

coming, no timely save.

in front of pain from

torn open wounds, the sky

is glimpsed, blue

and beautiful before

death joins me.


"God no!" i hear screamed

as the tower collapses

and the last neurons

record falling.







Author's Notes/Comments: 

horrorible deaths made us feel sick. - slc


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Stepping on an nail while

Stepping on an nail while barefoot

is about about the most unexpected 

painful encounter, or being hit from 

behind by a bicyclist while skating!

Can‘t phantom death from a falling

burning building!


Very descriptive dearest! Ooo




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Remembering Horrors

Pearl Harbor, Hiroshima/Nagasaki, 9/11 - humans died excrutiatingly. Hell. - death by firestorm and no out. ~s~



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Sheesh. That is

Sheesh. That is intense. 


Being at that place, at that time, I didn't look up much. I didn't want to see what you just described carved visually in my brain, nor risk being a gawker at the many who would leave the world that way. But I can imagine, how you descibed it, may be more than scratching the surface of how it really felt for those who fell from the above.

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the thing itself

horror is psyche stuff - dark. i struggle with hell and evil in my sci-fi novels. hard to find exactitude without mind dancing with low spectrum intense emotes - costly. thanks for the insight - s