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A New View


shadow cast

on an ochre wall

shadow nose

shadow chin.


artificial lines

born of smooth

umber. breathing



single slim

muscles weight

grown. hair

like sampson

before the 



the light fails

and another

adonis rises

and fades 

into the sunset.







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I see shapes in the clouds

I see shapes in the clouds all the time.  Dig the vision, poetess,

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nicely wrote    

nicely wrote



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undetectable tribute to

all things fine. - s



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Kinda sexy this  mysterious

Kinda sexy this 

mysterious man!

burnt umber my

favorite shade of paint


Paint me a picture

call it a god!

But Adonis is 

pure heaven!


nicely written Dearest!

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for the feminine mind :D



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I read it twice, delightful

I read it twice, delightful

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thx 4 the visit

glad. something tintilating.