Surge III

A New View


Walking is stalled and started,

stopped, and reconsidered as feet

impact with knives from kitchen

drawers. The rear exit is less

promising than the sides or front.

Water. Just water swirling and

gurgling seeking the lowest horizon. 

Rain and more rain comes at you,

cold as beer from a tap or a

great ice thawed puddle against

a soaked foot.







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I wonder if the water is

I wonder if the water is cold?

Having been to Florida,

the humidity high, the rains drops

are as muggy and warm as

the warm beaches! 


Bahamas must have the same

but alas never rode a hurricane 



allets's picture

probably warm

metaphorically cold, harsh and anti-human cold. 50 bodies found thousands missing - disease from decomposition is next challenge. people leaving, an unexpected migration. everything lost. one survivor said he watched his friends die. that hit me hard. sad and more sad. relief supplies rotting in sun - people all gone.