Best Dressed Poor

A New View


Not cake, clothes. That

way when we see them, they

will blend in.


Our consciences will be

civilized and healthy, purged

of guilt for having enough.

All is well if the grimy kids

up the street have nice



Pictures of poor

internationally show

Nike shoes, and designer

tee shirts of favorite

sport teams. Go figure.

Disaster relief always

includes the finest duds.


Next time they ask

for donations or money

and stuff, send a book,

some paper and pencils.

Send food and write

a letter full of wisdom

and how to survive

instead . 







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very true. although i think

very true. although i think rich ppl send what is easily at their they're retail surplus or who they can get to sign off to donate. it's well-intentioned nonetheless

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Clothing Is Needed, Yes

So is food, health care, water, and dental services. When floods or hurricanes displace thousands, everything is welcome. Education is not on the menu, survival is. The Great Depression occured after a boom period. - slc