A New View


The little brown boy plays in the mud

no favorite toy, no truck to push.

No one to tech him right from good

or bad from loss.


A little brown girl plays climbing trees

the pretty white doll next door, only

the imagination to play with. No

one talks to her except to say don't.


The little white boy plays on the porch

rain keeps his cut-off jeans dry. No

new games to play, no one around

to mentor or tickle, joke with

or direct.


A little white girl looks out the window

wishing for a star or a fairy godmother.

Mom is drinking heavily, the floors

are dirty, no cooking lessons or dress

up day. No example to follow at home








Author's Notes/Comments: 

Tendency is to think this scenario does not exists for everyone world-wide. Large numbers of children worldwide play with sticks and bottles not owning a cell pone or computer that has replaced a new doll and toy truck, unloved, uncared for even though mother and father are with them.

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