Another Russian News Day

A New View


Maybe, if you stop trying to take over

the entire globe, you can concentrate on

how to build a better miniature nuclear

power plant, Vlad. Self sustaining, can fly

and spy without recharge, only if you can

get it to not blow up and remind the world

of Cherynoble. You lied about that too

for as long as you could until pix from

space showed a big hole on fire inside

your borders.


Maybe, if you stop trying to interfere

in other state's business, you can take

care of your own. You do not want another

blockade or worse, tariffs. Take time to do

science better and stop stealing tech

you did not invent. Once you have mastered

the techniques of world citizenship, and

science, Vlad, taking over the world will be








Author's Notes/Comments: 

After you bought Trump, I owed you one, Vladmir Putin. 

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