You In Da Hood Now, Boo

Black Poetry


What it mean, you got a degree?

Why can't you spell worf a shit din?

Who took yo tests for you in college? Nice

car, probly look better with tires.


You come up in her floatin'

your edjucashun. Why? You wanna

see how short you are with

both feet blown off by a stolen

handgun? Don't come up in here

posturin'. You in da hood

now, Boo.







Author's Notes/Comments: 

jus blowin' off steam. 

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Thelostpoet's picture

I loved this!

Thats what I like.

Let of steam, and say how you feel.

Keep it real!


I might get it on a t-shirt. :)



allets's picture

If I

Wore a Tee shirt that said, "YOU IN THE HOOD NOW, BOO!" I'd probably be arrested. - Thanks for the read - linguistically, a lot of people see the world this way - Ebonics has its uses for being heard. - slc