Poetic Choice

A New View


Basically, it is a series

of choices made; one word

over another, one syntaxtic

flourish born of a phrase

that is too literal.


Ending the line here instead

of out there, tightenting up an

image to match what came before

with what will come after.

Poetry is easy, if you follow

the pattern of your mind.


Sealing the said with a line

at the end that sums up or tells

the entire point, causes the brow

to rise with enlightenment or

mithr. Occasionally, repetition

of dipthongs or a scattering

of internal rhymed words sung in

asonance or connsonace brings

of the desired emotional intent.


Telling a tasty topic uniquely or

passionately, or from a view

many see from, makes for a

wondrous verse. Some think it

is marvelously and mostly magic.

They could be right.






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