Vintage Words


We are all solitary creatures

whether in a crowded room or

walking an emptied street under



In a room, chandelier bright,

we are inside and come out like 

a one-day blooming  morning glory,

then we fade and fall back

into ourselves to await

morning's sun.






Author's Notes/Comments: 

An oldie but okayie :D slc

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Cool writing!

We came out of the womb 

in the realm of human existence

We took our first breath alone

Though we were held in Mother’s arm

and suckled upon her breast

It would end and  wed break free

We would blossom to Independence

become alonely





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I made up the word and in rewriting it, I almost dropped the "A" but could not. It fit. Thank you so much for your support over the years, Dove. Appreciation is warm - slc  



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lonely in a crowd but never

lonely in a crowd but never lonely when actually alone

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Thanks For The Read

Enjoyed editing and writing new stuff today - slc :D