Brown Lives Do Not Matter

A New View


No matter that they are criminals

and rapists and thieves, drug dealers,

and mayhem creators. The fact that

they are brown and speak another

language and own a different

culture of holidays, are short 

and Catholic is the real problem,








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I am speechless. does not

I am speechless. does not happen often

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This Is The Nazi View

The buzz words are all there, the far right conservative Nationalist view - do not lose your voice. It is written in sarcasm. Write a mythology that is a lie, apply it, makes your race feel superior. The Black Muslims under Elijah Mohammad rewrote history and put black people in the superior slot - got Malcolm murdered. African Americans (aframs) were beginning to believe it. After we burned down the door, the colleges and housing opened, jobs, co-optation big-time, we began using perms and gerry curls, but Kwaanza emerged from Malauni Ron Kerenga to salvage the ruins. Afro-centric became a bona fide title. Yay us, still a long way to go.  Sound familiar Black people still try to aspire to another culture's definition of who we are. Still. After the riots, we still straighten our hair to look like somebody else. Still. Difference, Mexican and Spanish speaking immigrants and naturalized citizens were never slaves here. African slaves had their language taken away, not allowed to read, stripped of their religions, went from being tied to the land to being considered the land - the whole nine, no rights, no freedom, no thinking allowed. Identiy was erased and we are still stuggling to define an identity today. usa politics is about controlling as many minds as possible by way of ads and conditioning messages. It is 1984 and everyone is watched. Deafness, blindness, and muteness are the diseases of the 21st Century. That is why we write it down: to be heard andr seen and spoken.


Refusal to give up the stereotypes about non-whites keeps a lessening majority believing their own made up definitions. It has been this way since the 18th century for us. Change is slow still. Spanish speakers have champions and usa is more aware of hatred syndromes and racism (reference native amer and aframs). They share a common language and flight from bad lives unites them and many of them have been allowed to be free here. This is the formation  of the new underground railroad. Hounds still howl at heels. Racists throw up their hands and say no freedom for them. Others, most of the usa's denizens, know that is what we are, a nation of immigrants and ex-slaves. 


See the local news. Revolution is happening again, for Spanish (not Latin) speaking future usa citizens. Kicking them out of the country is for political capital. Rounding them up and separating them from their families is intended to be bullying and a scare tactic to terrorize the unsuspecting. Hitler tactics out of the White House. We are abhored by this. Sometimes poetry is not literal. No one is superior, that is the problem for some of us. (the word "some" is used sarcastically). - slc