Trust This Or Pay Dear

Vintage Words


Resistance comes in various identities. Some

are cold, no heart beathing bad as bad gets, some

foolish and walking beyond doors that avoiding

would have served best. Defiance comes easy

to the evil intended who flounce forth as

empowered and protected. The dastardly sing

loudest thinking all who hear will comply

and join up. They were wrong. What they trusted

was swiftly and most timely caused to pay dear

to that in which the most of us trust.


Regimes rise. Regimes faulter and fall. States

stumble and correct, redirect the notion of truth

and law as if a patriot arrived and sold them 

the deed. Old wisdom was consulted and the lost

and silent reappliws for access to the realms of

justice and liberty. No one remembered how to spell 

the word integrity and raided the vaults for any

definition and paid the dear price per ounce

for that which abides in trust.


Truth and Wisdom congregated like flocks of eagles

and did a fly over. The unfaithful cowered, hid

their dark souls behind opaque white curtains

waiting for the sun to rise on a return to their

sole ownership and dictatorial declarations, their

right to repossess  everything beyond their picket



What we trust grows like grass and defies blades

of hatred and bigotry, racism, and corruption. Trust

this, we  only have one flag in this nation. We

will lawfully take back control of the business we

naievely lay in what we thought honest hands. 


The self-appointed, the one race only wonders, men

and women who have girls and boys who will follow

them and spread the good news have been identified.

They wait in shuttered window houses for the moon

to rise on burning crosses, praying for and promising

the aroma of roasted flesh. Such pockets empty fast 

waiting for such sun rises and moon rises.


Trust won as if it had oozed from the deepest

chasms of the newest minds causing the in-bred

nationalist to give over, by way of edict of the

electorate, the keys and the passwords. Born

of hatred idealogies fought and righteousness

idealogies won. The usurpers now pay dear

to that in which we trust.









Author's Notes/Comments: 

There is a revolution going on in usa. It is time to listen to the news. 

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