Civil War

A New View


The auto makers and weaver's guild

said it could not happen. Prosperity lived

in the huge numbers at the banks and

investment firms world wide. The workers

were paid, they lived small, as they should,

but the country is solvent and the government

friendly. Tourism was thriving. Unrest? Not

in a century!


It began as a child being taken and a mother

thrown quietly intoprison for the crime of having

a beautiful baby. One of the uber powerful was

childlessly barren and saw the child in the market

from the back seat of a limosine with the one way

window open to the view of a curly haired waif

in rags who needed a home, and education,

and Heir status.


"Give him back!" was the cry in the morning. At

night the streets filled as the telling of the kid

gone spread. "Let her go!" for the mother no one

believed could make any trouble. Escalations began

with a stone thrown. Blood. Another poor working

man jailed. Nothing answered but the order to go

home and be quiet.


High borns began to be shot from long distances,

too far to be captured and jailed. No one ran in

the next election as half the elected were

in exile or dead. Tourist fled as crowds grew.

The government released the child and mother too late.

The regime fell, the guilty were publically hung,

heads of state quietly disappeared, and all entry ports

to the country were sealed with a sign that read:









Author's Notes/Comments: 

It is the little thing. 

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