Start Over

A New View


All my stuff gone

all my life drowned

in sludge

all my mind a mess

all gone.


Start overs

are for other people.

I do end overs.


I just have to let

my past drag as I limp

along and let it take

the occasional

nip from the old

heels of idiocy.


New beginnings

happen extemporaneously

because of some long

ago hole I climbed out

of but got dirt

in my sock.






Author's Notes/Comments: 

after phoenix_rising

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Time makeovers!    If I could

Time makeovers! 


If I could reverse time

I would take back that moment 

the one that caused you to leave

When I uttered its over

it was I (me) whom I deceived



I tried to take it back later

you let me think we were together 

but was just a temporary act

You didn't want to hurt me then

but later wouldn’t take me back


I agree , it’s all leftovers



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Some Left-Overs

are good foundations for making better choices. Accumulated memories and learning to get you through the life-course. :D slc



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hell,most ppl wouldn`t even

hell,most ppl wouldn`t even want to start over

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We Don't Get Do-Overs

We live with the left-overs.