Sestina Paradox

Vintage Words


I watched him sit in the grove
The wooden bench began my existence
He, I, the bench are a unique triad
To grow old age backwards, a paradox
Unless he, I meet at the middle hearth
In the same time warm as if wrapped in fleece
Pairs mimicking existence
Ask must lovers exist in a triad?
No dream, you, and I is a paradox
Loneliness will never light our warm hearth
Sit here beneath the coat of spring like fleece
As nature decrees our favorite grove
Three novae form a triad
We see them once each year as paradox
Cold as winter, the solitary hearth
With you I am treasure no one can fleece
Surrounded by trees that comprise our grove
We bask in a tree filtered existence
Paradise not paradox
Welcome as last week’s roaring winter hearth
Pull off your favorite jacket of fleece
Glad to have encountered your lovely grove
That made an exceptional existence
Forming you and me into one, a triad

Wrap your arms around my hearth
Caress each other’s skin like summer fleece
Green grass may grow gracefully in this grove
Spring forth like the finest new existence
Earth, water, air is our sacred triad
death by heart attack, an old paradox
Spring blossoms like snow fallen on shed fleece
Bliss flamed existence ignited our grove

Robins sing love’s existence
You, me, green branches, another triad
Lashes like fleece his eyes a paradox
Heat between held hands was a heady hearth.
Come fleece without paradox any more.
Let this hearth of love make us a triad 
Whose existence is the grove where you sat



Author's Notes/Comments: 

For some reason I took this off PostPoems. It is  under MESSAGE BOARD in Collaborative Projects possibly.

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lot of great quotes stella

lot of great quotes stella

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Thanks Word_man

This one was fun to write and rewrite :D slc



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Beautifully written. 

Beautifully written. 

*~I may fall, but just like the Phoenix, I will rise from the ashes~*

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Ultimate Expression Of Love

Thank you so much. - slc



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I remember reading it! Love

I remember reading it! Love it 


I tried one, think I’ll do another 

one as soon as I read the rules!


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Sestina - My Second One Ever Written

A rush! Do write one and let me know when you post it. See my folder--English For Poets-- has "The Sestina" how to write one listed. :D