Loss Of Status

A New View


Age does it unless you are involved

in local or state or national politics

in a big way. Writing about the activities

of movers and shakers would promote

a sense of contribution, otherwise

you are impotent and suffer from

loss of status. It is not easy on the

esteem when you are dependent upon

somebody else's strong position on issues

forged with participation, sweat, and paying



Personal limitations never lead you

to create originality. You hear about

what to think and emote someone else's

ideas, follower that you are.


The rungs on the ladder have a limited

number of places. Falling is easy. Staying

put requires youth and strength, but old

people slip and slip. Young people rise

and you feel left in the tall weeds.


No one listens to your opinons, concern

is for their own place in the pyramid scheme.

Relatives look sidelong at your views,

or outright refute them. The dinner talk

no longer surround the concensus you once

controlled and spearheaded. The ego is bruised

and the sense of contribution unravels.


There is no cure. It is too late to change

your support for the losing team this decade.

You will die and over your body and grave

friends will profess great love for you

but shake their head at your odd political

stances. The world changed but you, Old

School, could not.








Author's Notes/Comments: 

Where do poems come from? They are all around you. 

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