Vintage Words


Dust particles deflected, eyelids rise

and sun risen perception is possible. The

next thing that moves can be observed

through thick tearing. Eyelids lower, blink

several times taking the eyelashes along

for the ride.


Rapid eye movement ceases and cleared eyes

adjust in preparation for reality viewing.

Fluttered short hair hones a range of colors,

shapes, allowing the assessment of size and depth

to actualize from potential.

An open eyelid allows the world's imprint to last

and be used later. Time becomes the rear view

of what happened before sleep when lowered lashes 

allowed rest. Washed eyelashes allow the world's

imprint to enter and be used later. History becomes

a well read rear view that makes now possible.


Years run so fast, you blink. Take excellent care

that the upper eyelashes do not get locked to

the lower eyelashes. Count each fall, each rise

that celebrates being awake. Let tearing obscure

the agrieved and harshest views. The object is

to see clearly from the perceptions of vision.


Blink, brush gently across the eyelashes to let

the function of eyelids ensure potential for three

dimensions and, due to the existence of eyelashes,

be dust and dirt free.







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