Entangled In Mythology

Vintage Words


There is a need to increase the money

out of the tax base for food stamps, people.

There but for the grace of a protected

way of living in the right neighborhood

go I. I like eating. It keeps me alive.


Basic value lives in the myths that we 

embrace. Faith is the placebo, the real drug

is given to the buyers and sellers of whatever

destroys the earth. But I like eating.


Anger is not enough. Nothing works when the

lights go out due to no power. Peace died in

the delusion of a myth of freedom. Democratic

principals are republiked to keep power out

of the hands of too many poor and ignorant

devalued myth weilders who like to eat.


There is no answer, no right way to shift

beliefs as myths are eternal and controlling.

Get up each day, move as the myth dictates,

and in no other way rearrange matter.

This is how it has been since humans emerging

from caves looking to expand their menu.









Author's Notes/Comments: 

A baby died of dehydration at the border. We take water as a given. It is not. Neither is food, a bed, or air.

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