A New View


How did China become so disfamed

by a syndrome in Russia? I missed the

cover-up around the base of St. Basil's

best icon; must have been writing

or sleeping, or looking across

a different border. I heard about

Russia. It almost got out of control

around the time that we almost lost



When the party men showed up

the scientist rallied, the top

of the pyramid polit-folk financed

the cover-up, the capping of

leakages too hot to see, the men

dropping in their unprotected

shoes. High wind carried it like

a pregnant mother.


Screaming from a hospital bed

was the same as howling at the upper

escelons of premier power structures

and equally painful. Silenced, by

orders from the polit-bureau, exposed

core becmne an apology as rads grew

and control rods froze to signal hot

warning to Scandinavian counterparts 

of the geiger counter.


Moscow, we have a problem. Faulty Dicimeter

consequences were as bad as the melting core. 

Smelly pieces scattered on the ground burned

the skin off firemen, unbelievably as stuck

containment systems and the ineptitude of

believers of Communist principles stronger

than the most wanted items on the Periodic

Table of Elements. Touch anything metallic, 

or made of flesh, and the problem assuredly

will befall the faithful. The story: All

is contained, understood, and under

State control.


The truth showed up in denial, yelling at

the sky as if the world was about to be

permanently irradiated. The unknowing were

placed in charge, the scientific proofs hushed.

Timely, Boron and sand fell until the water

wanted to ignite like a candle and throw

up a fouled stomach full of bad decisions

and lies. Add all the tea in China and anything

you need to cool Chernobyl was approved but

no iodine pills were in stock.


To hang was a blessing, to be jailed a chance

to delay death until the thyroid shut down

and the mind melted to turn to mush while the 

bone marrow died. The fate of thousands, blood

cancers if you did not burn outside in and inside

to more inside first.


The movie script was slipped out

of Russia, graphic as graphite on

the blown up ground; the real event

topped off with a chemical glow of

unreliable procedures and fear. Here

is the kicker. It resulted from a test,

long delayed and pushed to the top

of the priority list. What they did not

know then, they know now and we only have

the vow of liars that the ground water

is pure, eastern Europe's land secure,

and that Chernobyl is safely







Author's Notes/Comments: 

The Vladmir Ilyich Lenin Power Station experienced a melt down that began on April 25, 1986. Wikipedia: "China Syndrome" a fanciful term—not intended to be taken literally—that describes a fictional result of a nuclear meltdown, where reactor components melt through their containment structures and into the underlying earth, "all the way to China."


It should be renamed from the fictional title to the real one: The Russian-Chernobyl Syndrome. 


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