Easy On The Eyes

Vintage Words


Easy on the eyes is like

not too shabby, paradise on

two legs, and a taste of



Easy on the eyes might be

instructions on how to go after

eye surgery, or the after image

left after staring at the word

"easy" too long, then closing

your eyes.


Mostly, it is an assessment

of an extraordinary human

described to a good friend.

In this case, easy on the eyes

means not too shabby.







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roseblossoms's picture

Cute!  “Easy on the

Cute!  “Easy on the eyes”

what a PI would say about 

a woman he was spying on



allets's picture

Or A Man

Spied upon, looking good, doin' wrong. :D slc



grahf's picture


...directions on how to handle a potato?  Good read, and always fun to see the way your mind bounces around.

allets's picture


I forgot the wisdom against peeling spuds badly. Thank you for the thoughtful comment :D slc