fuche_bu's Shoe

Vintage Words


Spending most of its 

existence lost; sought

after is a shoe's alias.

Not under the bed. Check!

In the closet? Nope.

Beside the back door?


Some shoes never show up until

you move and while inventorying

the wealth of your years, out it

pops from a cozy niche not visited

since the drunken night you threw

that shoe in there and then,

for no cause at all, slept

in the other one.







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georgeschaefer's picture

It sounds like something I

It sounds like something I would do.  If it's a reference to me, thanks for the nod.

allets's picture

I Wrote It A While Ago

Revising, I kept looking at the ending and it just said "fuche_bu" to me. Nod. :D slc



georgeschaefer's picture

I noticed the date but

I noticed the date but thought maybe I travelled back in time at some point and didn't keep adequate records.  thanks again.

allets's picture

Ya wecum

It's a shoe thing. :)