Ursa Major


I could never find the little bear

as soon as I learned that the stars

were alive and full of hunters wearing

belts, a well lit lady rocking against

summertime and wintertime nights.


I always knew there was something

bigger, something else beyond this street,

this house, this yard. I looked beyond

the wet grass after rain fell and

left the roof and the neighborhood

glistening with a slate board wonder

of water.


I can almost taste the sweet liquid

pouring from the dipper. I imagine

the pail losing the contents of a

treasury you will one day visit.

Moon glow paints a hand taking the big

scoop, pouring down water trembling

and happy as a new born kitten’s

first steps.






Author's Notes/Comments: 

from Womanchild Manchild Interesting, when I wrote this series in 2006, I did not like them as much as my other books - but now. Now. :D

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