Womanchild Manchild

Vintage Words


Stay on Point, leader that you

are or will become. To stay also

means to wait. Life will come

faster than you can blink.


Think how lately the world

is too small and you have not

read much news about the wars

that take all the taxes. You

have not shared a book with

the mind to expand the vision.

This is the hour for study

and introspection. Twenty-one

or over, November is for elections.

Be a semi-permeable membrane,

absorb the latest cd but play music,

learn to plug in electronic sounds,

create like your people who

conceived abd designed the raising

of the pyramids.


When a piece of knowledge bars

your path, swallow it whole before you

move on to the next lesson. Be a

pen, be a piece of paper as memory.

Exercise the fingers over acres. Make

a list. Then become the list.

There is a Mathematics of the mindset,

a line you use to convince the earth that

you are worthy of her. The profane

is for those who have no vocabularies.

No vocabularies at all. Be your own

lexicon, be youth with limited liabilities,

become dictionaries.


Enjoy these seconds as if they will never

exist again. Embrace this minute. Invest in

the mind and fill it with the point. Stay on it.

Never let them know you started late.

The point dots your i. On point is at

the top of the list where your name

should be written.





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