Candy Wrappers

Vintage Words

The discarded comes in fistfuls

and sometimes by the brown paper

sackfuls. Beneath unused fingernails

a table taps out the beats for the

wait. Youth sweats from the skin 

as if there is a bucket below

to hold it for tomorrow.


Dates speed across the calendar like

tiny feet growing strong, avoiding wrong.

Caramels come with smiles that thawed

the hardest hearted, sticky sweets

stretching between tiny fingers, mouths

full as dimples in the side of a painted



Hang the man, tint by number, make yarn

board connections. See Spot do back flips.

Wonder who would name their kid Jane.

Come back to it as if it would never change.

Recitals at church, visiting preachers

from the South, trips to the country, more



See with older eyes what was once so large

and strange, places change like people’s

names. Broken tens become loose change. Come

visit, eat and be happy. The weather is fine

outside and in. Laugh at rows of joking jokers,

play jacks on white kitchen floor tiles, smile

and be alive like never before. Candy in old

people makes the sugar rise, in the young

it is best put in bubble gum wrappers

or bright orange papers to be finished off






Author's Notes/Comments: 

from Womanchild Manchild 

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