Grief Survivor

Vintage Words


I was thrown clear

missed impact

and the flames.

The SUV was over

crowded. I alone

walked away.


Fifteen friends, a brother,

did a bone crushed stop,

mercy was the gift

of unconsciousness.


I can still feel inferno heat.

The screams were real or

imagined. Time melted

around the impossible.


Raving does not ease

what my mind witnessed,

what blurred vision



I sit rocking and lost in my

cell-like room and do not see

more than rose papered walls.

Their faces peer out at me

from each flower's center.







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georgeschaefer's picture

Sounds like a terrible

Sounds like a terrible event.  I hope this is fictitious.  If not, I hope you're feeling better.

allets's picture


Definitely. Be a good start for a novel though :D