Where Did All The Revolutionaries Go?

A New View


Good old days were defined by marches

and banners, shouted slogans, and fists

in the air defying everything that is not

a part of the dialectic. Didactic was

the tone of choice. New flags waved,

rousing anthems, and poetry celebrated

the newly dreamed order. Afros were large,

colors were defiantly unfashionably



Rome fell, then pillared civilizations

followed. A few monarchies survived but

Russia is struggling after hitting the mat.

If China goes under, world supporter of cheap

everything copied, there goes the entire

story. Eventually, world citizenry is going

to get angry. Marches will become tear gas

venues and then the dogs will be unloosed. I

miss the Black Panthers and the Revolutionary

this and thats. History has a tendency to 

erase the past, or at least to keep it

from a do-over.








Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was going to write a patriotic poem for the 4th. 

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The revolutionaries of old

The revolutionaries of old could protest freely with little fear of repercussion. Nowadays the government has closed - circuit video cameras installed at corners in all urban centres, ostensibly to manage traffic, but they also use them to follow citizens in real- time. They infiltrate their agents into crowd scenes to photo protestors and keep tabs where they have been and their actions there. Angela Davis, a fugitive rebel, was spotted by a camera installed on a NYC street corner and this led to her capture and confinement..

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The Internet

Another tool where there is no way to hide. Too much is born of paranoia and policing has tanks to back them up if it gets out of control. - Freedom erodes away slowly. The Wall "fence"  is a scheme to siphon tax dollars into the hands of the truly needy. 50 years from now the circuitous route back to Trumpville will be uncovered. Like money for immigrants $850.00 a day per kid. Today's protesters carry suicide bombs or mass kill before suiciding. It is like a bad movie  - slc



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One thing is for sure. The

One thing is for sure. The world and our naiton are not at all what they used to be. The question begging to be answered is.......is that a good or bad thing?

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Each Generation

Whatever the country, each generation has an obligation to reform and rebuild what they believe in and support. We shape the world from the grass roots up and if those in charge do not listen, we are obligated to be heard no matter the consequences. Less what it used to be, but what it can be that serves individuals and not just certain segments of a society. The obligation is to leave the world a better place before we die.  Thank you for the comment and read - slc