Playing At Politics

Vintage Words


Another election, the candidates

are furiously writing about loving

the universe, describing light

as their personal property

and fief. Egos are bouncing

off the walls of eternity again.

I watch from the sidelines

like a fan.







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fuche_bu's picture

I'll support whichever

I'll support whichever candidate that wins.  I'm also selling shares of the Brooklyn Bridge.

allets's picture

I'll Take Ten shares

Always wanted a piece of that bridge. - :D slc



schmuckjones's picture

I like this one

no matter the party or the candidate or the time.  another tradition.

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The Great Experiment

Babies are lice infected sleeping on concrete - we need another tradition soon. $750.00 per child per night - creative bookkeeping or payola? History will eventually crack the code and the financial statements. - slc