Little Joys

A New View


Hearts want to feel the pulse of

the writer's repertoire but the stash

of words printed and collecting dust

ignore the need.


Converted, the hand descends

and the concept of muse is forgotten

as if skill showers the writing

with an atmosphere of heartache

and miniscule moments of joy.







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keep the words flowing

keep the words flowing

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U Betcha!

More prose these days, but poetry will always be flowing somewhere. :) slc



roseblossoms's picture

Voices in the head write

Voices in the head write themselves! if the pen

Ceases to work, then dictation is a must! True they are

Not 109 % accurate! but I've had a blast looking at what they

think I've said! 

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"what they think I've said!" All the time. Thanks, roseblossoms, for stopping by for a read and a comment. - slc xoxoxoxo