False Indigo Blooming

A New View


False Indigo.

Pretty and delicate

spears rise on high

plant stalks that were

only inches high

three years ago.


False Indigo. Purple paint

brush buds blossom, wave at

the wind, from four feet high.

Found struggling among brambles,

you were relocated to

the corner garden.


False Indigo. Inadvertently

pulled out two years ago,

thought to be weeds, hedged

in, they survived.


False indigo, durable,

spreading resilience.

Royal purple. A bona-fide

"me" perennial.






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darkpool's picture

A weed is  weed only when e

A weed is  weed only when e cll it so. Congrat on your beutiful flower and poem.

allets's picture

Thanks darkpool

Summer writes, getting back to nature - it's a nice bloom - slc